Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christian Attack on Bush

Bush's recent interview in which he said he wasn't a biblical literalist prompted a blistering attack from Baptist minister and Constitution Party leader Chuck Baldwin at  Here are some representative snippets: 

acceptance of the Bible's literalness is one of conservative Christianity's most sacred doctrines... Bush twice denied the veracity of the Scriptures...George W. Bush clearly stated that he does not believe the Bible is God's Holy, inspired Word...where are Dobson and PCC now? Will any of them utter a word of rebuke to their "Christian" President for his apostasy

I was wondering if Bush's interview would produce that reaction among fundamentalists Christians. Baldwin has despised Bush for quite awhile, but I would bet that others had a similar response.

h/t John Derbyshire at Secular Right


  1. This is only to Bush's credit. First, vdare is the kind of website where IQ gap theorists and other unreconstructed racists post. Second, Baldwin, Paul, and the other nuts who go third party are even more embarrassing than Nader.

  2. Alon,

    True. Although I think many less nutty fundamentalist Christians may have had a simliar, although more muted response when they heard Bush's remarks.

    Is there anyone Bush hasn't managed to alienate in some way?

  3. The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial a few weeks ago comparing Bush to Truman.