Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Voice for Capitalism

At the Telegraph, Iain Martin has an article entitled Capitalists: get up off your knees, please.  When I read that title I couldn't help think of the performance of John McCain & Sarah Palin during the presidential campaign.  Throughout, especially in the debates, I kept hoping they'd actually speak out in defense of the free market.  But instead, all we got was economic populism that consisted mostly of bashing "Wall Street greed."

Martin's article is specific to the UK, but most of what he says applies equally to the U.S.  As he writes: 

big government and elements of big business have been colluding, hoping we'll all think: "It's not as though this is real money; if we run out, we can just print more."
That's certainly the situation here in the U.S.  He also points out that
The advocates of free markets seem frozen in shock. So who should speak up? Well, we should hear from those businessmen who are not corporatists keen to stitch up a deal with big government.
The entire article is well worth reading.  Unfortunately it will almost certainly fall on deaf ears.

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