Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HOT5 Daily 12/23/2008

1. "Found: Source of All Those New Democrats" An amusing theory on why there are more Democratic voters.

Representative Sample: truth-challenged, reality-denying kids would be much more likely to grow into Democrat-voting young adults

2. "The Pagan Origins of Christmas" Where does X-mas actually come from?

Representative Sample: Most Christmas stories start with a journey to Bethlehem. This one starts with a calendar. 

3. "2008 Government-Subsidized Auto Show"  Great examples of government-produced cars.

Representative Sample: A Car Czar must be appointed to distribute cash to our automobile industry so that we can protect it from the Capitalist evil of competition.

4. "Wasteful war spending"  Pentagon wasting  money. Big Surprise there.

Representative Sample: a trio of recently released documents recall just how badly the Pentagon managed the hundreds of billions spent to date on the wars

5. "Military Brass Still Casting About for a Strategy in Afghanistan" The problems with just sending in more troops, specifically more Special Forces.

Representative Sample: adding more troops, without a logistical arm that can support them, is almost totally pointless.

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