Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HOT5 Daily 12/31/2008

1. "9 Reasons This Recession Will Be Good" Examines the positive effects of recession.

Representative Sample: Prosperity tends to produce a lot of economic sediment, like unneeded purchases and excessive debt, that coagulates like gunk in a pipe.

2. "Hillary Clinton and Pakistani nationalism" A Pakistani perspective and analysis of U.S. foreign policy toward Pakistan.  I'm pro-India, but this is worth reading.

Representative Sample: Hillary Clinton has to recognize the Pakistani nationalism which thinks of India as the big bully of South Asia.

3. "Japanese Apology In 1972 Angered Arab Nations" In case anyone needs a reminder of the insane level of Arab hatred forJews.

Representative Sample: Arab nations invariably stand by the actions of terrorists when it comes to killing Israelis and are infuriated when Israel kills Arabs.

4. "Chemistry is not a crime, and Lewis Casey is not a criminal" More drug war stupidity.

Representative Sample: Casey wasn't making drugs, but they kept him in jail anyway on the grounds that he had materials that could have been made into explosives.

5. "Top 10 humanitarian crises of 2008"  list of this year's top 10, presented as hyperlinks to detailed information about each.

Representative Sample: Read this list, click through to details about each crisis, and then count your own blessings.

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  1. The guy in number 2 is an anti-Indian crank who says things like, "While China was focusing on economic growth and trade expansion with the world, the Indian RAW agents were working with the Delai Lama to create problems for China in Tibet."

  2. Alon,

    I know, he's a Pakistani. But I still found it interesting. It just has to be read with the extreme bias in mind.

  3. I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone in Israel who would write anything that conspiratorial about Arabs.