Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making Atheists Look Bad -- Again

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the same idiots who put up the atheist sign as a holiday display in Seattle, have filed a lawsuit "against prayer" at the presidential inauguration. The organization spokesman said of atheists and agnostics

we are subjected to someone else's religious views with the endorsement of the government, which makes us feel like second class outsiders," he said.
Thanks for making atheists look like hypersensitive whiny babies, who can't even tolerate the most innocuous, traditional, ceremonial uses of religion. 

Groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation do not speak for a majority of atheists, yet they help perpetuate a stereotype of atheists as hostile, anti-religious zealots.  Actions like this latest effort go far toward keeping atheists as a despised minority in America.

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  1. Derek Araujo at the Center for Inquiry argues that this suit is going to be counterproductive from a legal standpoint as well: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/blog/newdow_inauguration_lawsuit/

    I've considered joining the FFRF, but after reading a sample issue of their newspaper that they sent me I decided that my money would be better spent at almost any other charity.