Friday, December 26, 2008

HOT5 Daily 12/26/2008

1. "Another question about our campaign finance disclosure laws" The unintended consequences of public disclosure.

Representative Sample: transparency is now making possible a new level of political intimidation.

2. "Motherships on Land, Sea, and in the Air" An examination of a weapon systems concept that takes different forms.

Representative Sample: An example of a mothership currently in widespread use is the Stryker combat vehicle.

3. "The Formerly Great United Kingdom" An anglophile laments the decline of Great Britain.

Representative Sample: Great Britain is no longer great, in fact given the policies of the current Labour Government it may not even be the United Kingdom

4. "A tale of two pundits: Sowell v. Huffington"  Economic myths, the current situation, and the sharp differences of perspectives

Representative Sample: Thomas Sowell specializes in exploding pernicious myths, Arianna Huffington excels at reinforcing them.

5. "2009 Predictions" A list of predictions for the new year.

Representative Sample: The average price of unleaded regular in the US will be $2.96

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  1. "Thomas Sowell specializes in exploding pernicious myths"

    You should read what Malcolm Gladwell writes about him in the context of Jamaican immigration. I don't know how you'll respond, but I stopped taking anything Sowell says about race seriously.