Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rational thoughts from Robert Scheer

I know, rational thought & Robert Scheer don't normally go together.  But he has a new article up at The Nation that makes a surprising amount of sense, aside from the obligatory attempt to to link the roots of our current problems to Reagan. Speaking of the bailouts, Scheer writes: 
It's enough to drive one back to the invisible hand of Adam Smith. Personally, I would rather we took our chances these days with letting the corporations sink or swim on their own without government interference.
Is this really Scheer, or is someone impersonating him? There's more: 
we all may end up on the public dole, scrambling for droppings from a too heavily laden nationalized table. Socialism for the rich is not the way to go.
Scheer argues that we should look after the workers who become unemployed as a result of corporate failures, rather than bailing out the companies that got in trouble through mismanagement.  I was shocked to find myself in agreement with many of his points.

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