Sunday, December 21, 2008

Israeli General Speaks about Attacking Iran

A former Israeli general and national security council chairman gave a realistic assessment of the difficulties faced by any Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program. Giora Eiland said that
To our regret, there is no Israeli military capability that would enable us to reach a situation whereby Iran's nuclear capabilities are destroyed without the possibility of recovery," he said. "The maximal achievement that Israel can accomplish is to disrupt and suspend Iran's nuclear program.

Eiland also noted that any attack would have to be coordinated with the U.S. and pointed out all the obvious risks.

I know there are some on the right who support a U.S. attack on Iran and hope that Israel will do it for us.  As much as I'd like to see the Iranian nuclear program destroyed, it appears that it just isn't feasible.  Instead of hoping that the Israelis will pull off a miracle, we need to face reality and start looking at the best methods of deterring Iran from using the nuclear weapons it is going to produce. 

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