Monday, December 29, 2008

A Right-wing Plug for NPR

National Public Radio isn't too popular on the right.  It has a more or less center-left slant on politics, and rarely features any strong conservative voices.  But I would still highly recommend it to anyone.  There are few programs where you can get information on such a wide variety of topics. And even when issues are debated between different guests, each side is allowed to make its points, there's no shouting down of opposing views, and everything is conducted in a civil tone.

I do some part-time work filling in for a courier a few times a month, and today is one of those days.  It involves about five hours of driving during the morning and afternoon, and about another six at night.  Although I like music, I don't want to listen to it for eleven hours. It's nice to have NPR.  And since the topics and hosts vary wildly, it's not like you are listening to the same show for hours on end.  This morning they had a detailed examination of the Israeli-Gaza situation, with interviews talking to people on each side.  There was also an extensive interview with former ambassador Peter Galbraith about Iraq.  Even though I disagree with some of his perspectives and conclusions, it was well-worth hearing for anyone interested in U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East.  Those were just a couple of the highlights.  


  1. I personally like On Point with Tom Ashbrook. He seems to always ask difficult questions to his guests, no matter who they are. For the most part. I don't always like Jack Beatty though and he seems to be on the show quite a bit.

    My favorite way to get NPR is through podcasts because then you can pick and chose what you listen to. Can't beat listening to Car Talk and then This American Life back to back.

  2. Apparently the content varies quite a bit depending on the station. I used to be in northern NJ and listened to a NY station. Here in South Jersey the Philadelphia station has several different programs. "Car Talk" and "This American Life" are on both stations, but I don't get "On Point" anymore.