Friday, December 19, 2008

New Feature - HOT5 Daily

I am starting a new feature here called HOT5 Daily.  Each day I am going to link five recent blog posts that I found interesting.  They could be interesting because of their insightful analysis, their incredible stupidity, or for other reasons.  Most will be political in nature, but not necessarily all. They will only be links to blog posts, not to regular news stories or mass media published articles. If you have a blog and think you have a post I should read, or want to suggest something, please let me know.  Put "HOT5" in the subject. On to the list:

1.  "Who Do You Think You Are Anyway"  This could also be called Cynical Rant of the Day.  The author may be a liberal, but this made me want to read his blog.  

Representative Sample: Let me tell you some things that you may or not know. First of all, the Federal government doesn’t give a f**k about you. They never have and they never will.

2.  "This beaver is clearly up to something"  NSFW-language. This is a must read.

Representative Sample: beavers don't just go around tapping their fingers together like an evil genius for no reason.

3.  "Matt Yglesias Is A Moral Leper"  A vicious right-wing smackdown.

Representative Sample: a snobby, know-it-all, chomskyite punk who graduated from Harvard the same year the war in Iraq began

4.  "Don’t Mention the (Cold) War"  An incisive capsule view of Russia today.

Representative Sample: there is a concerted effort on the part of the Putin/Medvedev regime to turn back the clock on Russia's relations with the United States

5.  "Syria And Iran: Know Who You're Dealing With"  Why we can't trust either of them.

Representative Sample: It isn’t that no one has tried negotiating with Iran on its nuclear program but merely that Iran has broken all its pledges

Want your blog post linked, or have a suggestion?  E-mail me at  Put HOT5 in the subject.

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