Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reading the Left for Amusement

I often read Open Left, not for amusement, but because it normally provides one of the more rational left-wing perspectives.  But today it made me laugh.  Matt Stoller has a post up called, "Lowering Expectations for Obama/Biden," which is a reaction to some recent statements by Joe Biden.  First off, there is the title.  When I saw it, I immediately thought, "how much lower could could expectations be"? Then I remembered I was on a liberal blog.

Reading through the post, Stoller refers to Dick Cheney as a "brutal monster."  I had visions of Democrats scaring their children by telling them stories about the evil Cheney monster, who might come to get them if they didn't grow up to be good liberals.  Stoller goes on to whine about Iran Contra.  He's still mad that the Clinton administration didn't seek vengeance against the previous administration.  Really.  He laments the "illegal war in Central America and egregious desecration of the Constitution." I always find it laughable whenever left-wingers go on about how wars are "illegal," as if that had any actual meaning.  And of course since the Constitution is still in place and operating, I guess it wasn't desecrated too egregiously.  I keep asking which constitutional rights we've lost, but I've yet to hear any answers other than incoherent sputtering about the horrors of Bush/Cheney.  

There's still more amusement to be had, but it's mostly just garden variety BDS, combined with a shot at Obama for picking Rick Warren -- another thing the left is all upset about.


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