Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vicious Case of Police Brutality

The New York Times reports that three NYC police officers have been charged in conjunction with a case in which one officer:

took his retractable baton and “shoved it” up Mr. Mineo’s anus, Mr. Hynes said, and that “resulted in an anal rectal tear.”

Apprarently he was smoking pot, and ran from police.  Yeah, that justifies being sodomized with a baton.  Naturally the police tried to cover it up, but according to other reports,  a transit officer who witnessed the attack came forward to testify.

The officer who actually carried out the assault faces up to twenty-five years in jail.  If convicted he should get the maximum.  The police are given greater power & responsibility than other citizens; if they abuse it they should also receive greater punishment.

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