Monday, December 22, 2008

HOT5 Daily 12/22/2008

1.  "What Is The Current Economic Crisis? And How To End It?"  Specific economic proposals from a conservative perspective.

Representative Sample:  what are the solutions to the economic crisis of today (and what would their benefits be)?

2.  "Black Sabbath Meets Santa Claus"  As a Black Sabbath fan, I had to link this for X-mas.

Representative Sample: What if Black Sabbath did a Christmas song?

3.  "Government Can Create Jobs ... Just Not Real Jobs"  Things to keep in mind about the upcoming "stimulus" package.

Representative Sample:  The government persuades the economy to shrink when it takes over the role of "job creator" from the American people.

4.  "The US in Africa: Halting Terror, Fostering Growth"  An excellent review of U.S. operations in Africa

Representative Sample:  Though there are fears for American imperialism and exploitation, early results seem to showcase the opposite.

5.  "I Now Pronounce You, Man and Goat"  A point-by-point rebuttal of anti-gay marriage arguments.

Representative Sample:   that’s half the problem with the points; once they’re given the consideration they warrant, they fall apart easier than a house of cards

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