Thursday, July 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/1/2010

1. "Theater of the Absurd" The completely worthless Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings. 

Representative Sample: why go through this theater of the absurd? Why stage a Stalinist "show trial" in which everyone plays their ridiculous part? How is our Republic ennobled by this process? Is this what the framers intended? I think not.

2. "The Continuing Failure of Obama’s Stimulus" Well, except for stimulating bigger government. 

Representative Sample: The tax increases and useless spending is bad enough. But Obama and his cohorts have time and again increased instability in the economic market place…which only makes it more difficult for employers to consider long term planning, such as…employment.

3. "Not Good but Not Surprising" Iran knows it is pretty much free to do whatever it wants.  

Representative Sample: In dealing with regimes like that of Syria, diplomacy is useful only when backed by the credible threat of military force and by a clear willingness to stand by committments to allies. Obama’s feckless policies have greatly reduced our credibility on the military dimension, while his evident hostility toward Israel offers great encouragement to that country’s enemies.

4. "Anger drives support for wartime presidents" Study confirms the obvious, which was apparently missed previously by psychologists. 

Representative Sample: Contrary to popular opinion and previous speculations among psychologists, Lambert’s study shows that the impulse to support the president in times of war has little to do with feelings of anxiety or uncertainty or needing a president to somehow make us feel safe. 

5. "Murdering: It’s Not My Fault, It’s Genetic" Debunks another idiotic attempt to excuse criminal behavior.

Representative Sample: Humans have a frontal lobe, which means they have the ability to chose. Humans have many proclivities–some genetic gifts and some genetic burdens to carry. Humans have many life experiences–many humans were abused and neglected. And some people have a toxic genetic and life mixture and most of those people live good, law abiding, decent lives.

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