Sunday, July 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/25/2010

1. "Time to be bored with race" He probably speaks for many people, with all constant accusations and counter-accusations of racism constantly going on. 

Representative Sample: I have noticed of late that the moment someone starts talking about race, whether in person or, even more so, on television, my mind wanders and I start to feel very sleepy.

2. "Common values do not mean common interests" Makes some good points. 

Representative Sample: One of the popular misconceptions in international relations is that countries which share common values automatically possess common interests. It’s an attitude that is not only flawed historically but also dangerous as an influence on contemporary policy

3. "The Grenade Goes High-Tech" Flying, guided grenades.  

Representative Sample: Unmanned technology is getting into everything, even the lowly grenade. Missile house MBDA's US arm has unveiled TIGER - Tactical Grenade Enhanced Range - which is basically a 1lb warhead with inflatable wing, electric propeller, autopilot and camera attached.

4. "The Animal Connection" An interesting hypothesis that interaction with animals led to the evolution of human language. 

Representative Sample: Anthropologist Pat Shipman has written a paper and an upcoming book hypothesizing that our relationship with animals was a key component of recent human evolution. Working with animals, she argues, evolved out of our knowledge of animals as prey and predators. Our ancestors intently learned about the animals in their environment, so that they could better hunt prey and avoid becoming prey themselves. 

5. "Troops See Return on Investment in Iraq, U.S. General Says" A positive outlook on Iraq.

Representative Sample: Security, infrastructure, governance and other aspects of a fully functioning, sovereign nation are coming into sight in Iraq in such a way that servicemembers, many of whom have deployed there before, are seeing the fruits of their labor,

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