Friday, July 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/2/2010

1. "These Are The People Who Will Run Health Care" Big government in action. 

Representative Sample: The same DHHS that will oversee the health care takeover wasted millions of dollars in a program designed to pay for heating and air conditioning for the poor. There was no oversight and the “hawks” ended up paying for the needs of dead people, people in prison and folks living in million dollar homes.

2. "A Propagandist for Oppression" A great takedown of Oliver Stone's latest, and of leftist Chavez supporters in general. 

Representative Sample: By portraying Chávez as a benevolent and misunderstood hero, Stone plays the role of useful idiot, providing the Bolivarian Revolution with the cultural legitimacy it needs to capture the attention of Western “progressives.” Hidden beneath this self-righteous veneer of solidarity with the Venezuelan poor, however, South of the Border is easily recognizable as the record of a director’s collaboration with tyranny.

3. "6 Basic Kinds Of Answer To The Question “Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?”" For the philosophically-minded.  

Representative Sample: Eric offers this very helpful, succinct classification and summation of the various competing answers to the question which have been offered throughout the history of philosophy

4. "The leaders of tomorrow are playing World of Warcraft today" WoW as job training. 

Representative Sample: But Mom! I’m not wasting my time playing games! I’m training to be a Fortune 500 CEO!

5. "Nanotechnology and dentistry" Regrowing the inside of diseased teeth.

Representative Sample:  for many, many years I’ve been reading about all sorts of breakthroughs, innovations and miraculous-sounding dental treatments that never really seem to pan out (remember that cavity removing painless gel anyone?), but I couldn’t resist throwing this bit of nanotech out there

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