Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/6/2010

1. "Religiously Dissing America's Independence Day" The evangelical left doesn't like Independence Day, joining the other elements of the left that just aren't too thrilled with the U.S. in general. 

Representative Sample: Animosity towards America's founding by the Religious and Evangelical Left is perhaps best embodied by popular Anabaptist theologian Stanley Hauerwas. Guru to much of the Evangelical Left, he has pronounced July 4 one of history's worst dates because of the ostensible arrogance of founding a nation upon a premise rather than a culture. 

2. "Costa Rica to Allow US To Send Troops" The drug war now requires 7,000 U.S. marines in Costa Rica. I guess we'll start seeing marine recruiting ads saying, "Join the Marines, become a drug-enforcement policeman!"

Representative Sample: Costa Rica has granted the U.S. military a six-month window to bring 7,000 Marines, five planes and 46 warships into its territory to help stem the flow of drugs northward.

3. "Infrastructure? Did We Say Infrastructure? We Meant “Government Employee Pay Maintenance”" The propaganda about the stimulus rebuilding infrastructure was about 94% a lie.  

Representative Sample: It would have been interesting to see public reaction at the time if Obama had said “we want to spend $230 billion making sure government employees continue to get 8% pay raises, even through the recession.

4. "Shut Up, Ban Ki-Moon Explained" Because everything is Israel's fault. 

Representative Sample: The UN’s shameless appeasement of terrorists is a well-worn story, but it’s always instructive to take note when it happens. The UN has issued a report on heightened Israel-Lebanon tensions, and it’s not surprising who gets blamed. What is surprising is the UN’s reasoning

5. "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" For Democratic politicians. A good, brief debunking of Democratic nonsense about extending unemployment benefits.

Representative Sample: look for the shrill pitches by Nancy “Unemployment Checks are the Fastest Way to Create Jobs” Pelosi to try to tar fiscally responsible Republicans as heartless. The way to solve the problem is by allowing the economy to grow and by growing create jobs. Otherwise we are just kicking the can down the road.

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