Sunday, July 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/18/2010

1. "Say No to Ground Zero Mosque" Pat Condell's take. 

Representative Sample: It's a video.

2. "Another Stimulus Boondoggle" More imaginary numbers. 

Representative Sample: Given that the national unemployment rate barely budged after the enactment last year of the president’s initiative aimed at financing “shovel-ready” state and local governmental projects, how, exactly, is a second federal stimulus bill supposed to jump-start an obviously stagnant national economy?

3. "The NAACP, Wrong From the Start" Not politically correct, and a useful corrective to those who think they have to genuflect before the NAACP.

Representative Sample: The NAACP has always been a bunch of collectivists and statists. It's true that some members of the NAACP fought real evils, sometimes risking life and limb. But the name alone is enough to demonstrate that the organization has been collectivist of the racial variety from its beginning.

4. "Why Do We Deny Teachers Basic Constitutional Rights?" Teachers fired for expressing innocuous opinions online. 

Representative Sample: We in the U.S. enjoy many rights, one of the most important of which involves the right to free expression. As long as we do not incite violence or encourage others to engage in serious criminal acts, we are free to write what we wish and to speak our minds. Well, not exactly.

5. "15 Sexy Scientists (with pics, of course)" Hot, highly-educated women. And check the comments, they're pretty funny -- some typical whining by the easily offended.

Representative Sample: It's a series of pictures.

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