Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/28/2010

1. "Against Evil" Richard Perle responds to revisionist history about Ronald Reagan.

Representative Sample: Beinart is not alone in confusing a tough, deliberate application of American power to achieve American ends with the bellicose reckless abandon that he seems to think is the essence of a "conservative" foreign policy. Indeed, it is a common liberal conceit

2. "France Declares War on Al-Qaeda...9 Years Too Late" Yeah, it's about time.

Representative Sample: France is a potential hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism. The French have a huge Arab population, one of the largest in Europe. Their Arab minority is also poor, uneducated, and therefore, quite pliable to outside rhetoric. They have long been blind to the threat.

3. "Venezuela: Haven for Terrorists?" Unfortunately yes.

Representative Sample: There are 80 easily verifiable terrorist camps inside Venezuela, which the OAS declined to investigate. But besides harboring terrorists and five top FARC leaders, there’s a disturbing sense that FARC has penetrated Venezuela’s government at the highest levels

4. "Poking China in the Chest" It deserves a few pokes for aiding and abetting North Korea's behavior.

Representative Sample: After backing down on initial plans to operate George Washington in the Yellow Sea as part of the initial round of US-RoK exercises in response to the sinking of the Cheonan, State and Defense seem to have come back with a counterpunch that will no doubt knock policymakers in Beijing off balance.

5. "Flying Spaghetti Monster, the game" Touch people with his noodly appendage and convert them.

Representative Sample: It's a game.

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