Friday, July 23, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/23/2010

1. "One Person’s Oil Addict is Another’s Intelligent Consumer" Some perspective on the whole issue of oil.

Representative Sample: there is a new litmus test for energy illiteracy, namely the claim that America is ‘addicted to oil.’ Those stating this are either being less than honest (politicians and special interests) or have failed to comprehend either addiction or economics.

2. "No, Israel Is Not About to Attack Iran Now, Here's Why" A good analysis.

Representative Sample: there are an increasing number of voices in the Israeli political, military, and intelligence establishment arguing that Israel should not wage a preemptive attack on Iran at all for a variety of reasons.

3. "Evangelicals Take Aim at Liberty" Liberal ones this time.

Representative Sample: There seems to be this move by the Left to invoke the Bible to justify their big governmentalism. Now I personally think they are firmer ground than free market types who think that a book rooted in primitive tribalism can support their views. But I have to ask the Left why they are bothering.

4. "Obama Accidentally Signs Pledge to Wear Silly Hat Buried in 2,000-Page Bill Nobody Read" Pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: After President Obama signed yet another 2,000-page bill that no one has read, White House officials conceded the legislation contains a provision that was snuck into the bill that requires the President, at his next press conference, to wear a "silly hat consisting of not less that a dozen brightly colored ribbons, three bows, and a large papier-mache pineapple."

5. "Going to Peace With the Army You Have" The State Department plans to field its own private army in Iraq.

Representative Sample: While I would hope that we and the Iraqis negotiate a new deal to allow our military personnel to remain in Iraq after 2011 to perform needed duties, right now there is no agreement and so our State Department is making plans to deal with this reality.

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