Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Decent Liberals

Back in December I made fun of a post on a liberal blog called, The Confluence. I happened to see a link to the same blog at Memeorandum, underneath the latest Journolist story involving Trig Truther speculation of the Andrew Sullivan variety. I was expecting it to be downplayed, or somehow turned into an attack on the right or Sarah Palin in typical leftist fashion. But I found something different. The person posting on the story, dakinkat, was pretty appalled by the behavior of the Journolist hacks.
A bunch of snooty men (and a few women) talking about a woman and a difficult pregnancy with a challenging outcome in the most inhumane way possible. No, make that the most uncivil way possible. Oh, I don’t know, it just all came out mean and creepy to me. ... Didn’t these folks have lives outside of Journolist? This is seedy journalism parodying itself.
This sentiment is echoed and amplified in the comments. I thought it was worth a post to note that at least some liberals react like decent human beings to the slimiest attacks on Sarah Palin and her family. Another reminder that it is possible to dislike Palin as a politician, without resorting to deranged hatred that gives rise to disgusting personal attacks and conspiracy theories.

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