Monday, July 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/19/2010

1. "Tell me again how we are going to get a smaller government in November" Yeah, chances of reversing the growth of government are pretty slim, even with a big GOP win. 

Representative Sample: It's a chart, and a link to another article.

2. "Power… Unlimited Power" Speaking of big government. 

Representative Sample: The Obama Administration now argues that the power of the Federal government is limited to… pretty much whatever it can get away with.

3. "Differences in Democracy" Big differences that make what is called "democracy" in many places unrecognizable compared to how the West views it.  

Representative Sample: “Democracy” in the third world is in many respects different from the liberal Western-style democracy that can be found in the developed countries. Absent are the concepts of private property, human rights, and other civil liberties found in the Western world.

4. "Why Judges Matter" Some good points. 

Representative Sample: Of all the powers assigned to the President, perhaps none is more important than his ability to pick judges for the federal bench. After all, chief executives come and go, but many of their judicial appointees linger for years--even decades--after the President has left the White House.

5. "Microfinance: Back to the Drawing Board" A new study finds that benefits have been exaggerated.

Representative Sample: microfinance, has been put on a pedestal by development economists thanks to its high repayment rates and ability to provide capital and growth where it used to be nonexistent. But recent research links its success with national economic growth, suggesting it only succeeds in economies that are already beginning to bloom.

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