Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/27/2010

1. "Why Foreign Policy Still Unites Conservatives" A good response to recent criticism.

Representative Sample: What Heilbrunn fails to grasp is that his desired foreign policy (and President Obama's) is at odds with the views of the American public. Americans don't accept that the United States is in decline. They like the idea that there is something exceptional about their country. They have no problem with cutting deals with countries like China and Russia, but they want their President to make sure that we get the best deal possible and only cede as much as necessary.

2. "Is the Supreme Court Conservative?" A nice debunking of a simplistic analysis in the New York Times.

Representative Sample: the claim that “all” (or even most) judicial decisions can be assigned an ideological value is simply laughable. Are all decisions favoring criminal defendants, unions, and people claiming discrimination or civil rights violations ”liberal” while those favoring prosecutors, employers, and the government “conservative” (as the scholars who maintain the database maintain)?

3. "Who would be a Nazi?" Links to an interesting article from 1941 discussing what type of people would become Nazis.

Representative Sample: This essay is dated but very pertinent today. Dorothy Thompson is just a name to most who are younger than I am but she had things to say that still speak to us 70 years later. Of course, Nazis are extinct, at least in the classical sense. They survive, however, as a type. This is as up to date as a guide to personality as it can be.

4. "The New Face of the IDF" The first Arab woman combat soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Representative Sample: Jozef does not distinguish between Jew, Arab, Muslim or Christian – in as much as the katyusha rockets from across the border do not make the same distinction either. For her they are all equal; they are all Israelis. And so too is she.

5. "Japan to Build More Submarines" Japan has maintained a force of 18 submarines since 1976. Now it is going to increase that number by two.

Representative Sample: It would appear that between the North Koreans latest trouble making and the People’s Republic of China’s submarine penetrations into Japanese waters, that an arms race in submarines may have begun in Asia. After all, the best weapon against a submarine is another submarine.

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