Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 7/15/2010

1. "The Immorality of the Moral High Ground" Many excellent points. 

Representative Sample: We can't win the War on Terror so long as we hold to liberal definitions of the Moral High Ground. We can't even begin to really fight it. What's worse, is that not only does this warped understanding of morality result in more American deaths, it results in more deaths of both fighters and civilians on the enemy side.

2. "How to Boost Productivity" Cut dead-weight. 

Representative Sample: Fire the parasites. In any large company there are platoons of compliance auditors, lawyers, "efficiency experts" and "strategists." To justify their salaries these professional obstructionists generate reams of rules, regulations, workflows and quality assurance processes that provide a value added hovering at about zero.

3. "Why Christians did finally turn against slavery?" An interesting and somewhat convincing theory.  

Representative Sample: I would even go as far as to say that many or even most of the true big permanent changes in human history have in fact been caused by changes in prevailing zeitgeist.
The rising zeitgeist often gets often a practical implementation in some new form of formal ideology.

4. "When do we pull the plug on a country?" Is Haiti a viable country at all? It's kind of late to be asking that. 

Representative Sample:the profile of the Secretary of State has recently undergone a silent revolution, a far-reaching overhaul of the profile that has been silently accepted by both Democrats and Republicans.

5. "Obama Admin Claims Porkulus Created 3 Million Jobs" More imaginary numbers.

Representative Sample: President Obama and members of his administration must think we’re all stupid. Or they’re simply desperate now that he and his party are sinking like stones in the polls.

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