Thursday, November 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/11/2010

1. "The Public Sector Thrives in this Rotten Economy" Big government takes care of its own.

Representative Sample: While the rest of us tighten our belts, those in the public sector thrive. And we get to foot the bill. Federal employees are doing better than ever – at any time in history.

2. "Islam's Ignorant Defenders" Willfully ignorant at that.

Representative Sample: One of the more interesting phenomena of recent times has been the cultural elite's aggressive defense of Islam. Whether they're decrying the alleged "Islamophobia" of their fellow Americans, storming off TV sets, offering impassioned defenses of religious liberty, or offering uninformed theological statements about the religion's alleged true nature, many of our most educated and politically aware citizens are united in outrage.

3. "THIS is what religious oppression looks like" Putting the whining by some Christians here in America in perspective.

Representative Sample: To all the Christians who have persecution complexes due to people simply disagreeing with them, despite being the privileged majority religion in their country... Maybe this will put religious oppression in perspective for you

4. "Chinese Sub Surprises U.S. Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, Surfaces Within Striking Distance of Carrier" Not good.

Representative Sample: No one knew it was there until they could see it with the naked eye

5. "The FDA's 10 Most Terrifying Proposed Cigarette Warning Labels" Because people in America just don't yet know that smoking is bad for their health.

Representative Sample: It's a series of images.

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  1. Hi.. that sub actually surfaced and surprised in 2007... the article referenced in the blog is dated Nov 10, 2007... Thinkin'Bout Stuff covered it here:

  2. Thanks, i thought it sounded vaguely familiar.

  3. Yeah.. when I saw it listed here I was thinking "again?"... so clicked through, read it... clicked the link to the original article and realized it was less deja vu and more summer rerun :-)