Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/9/2010

1. "Ten Commandments for the Next Two Years" Good advice. 

Representative Sample: 4 Avoid Arrogance - The last thing the Republican Congress needs to do is act like Obama. A certain amount of triumph was okay, but gloating and arrogance should be avoided. Because the public is watching. The Obama Administration will act childishly, but reciprocating in kind, particularly around crucial budget negotiations would be disastrous.

2. "Why All The Talk About Cutting Defense, Social Security, And Medicare?" Cut the luxuries instead of the necessities. 

Representative Sample: What is the first thing a family does when money gets tight? Does he sell the car and the house? Does he quit paying his credit card bill? No, he does not. The car gets him to work. The house shelters him. The debt is required. Those are the last things a person cuts because they’re needs and obligations.

3. "ATHEIST MYTHS DEBUNKED" These are pretty good.  

Representative Sample: 5. ATHEISTS ARE SENT BY SATAN TO TEMPT GOOD PEOPLE FROM THE RIGHT PATH: No, we tempt people from the right path purely for kicks.

4. "What Travels Faster Than the Speed of Light?" Why we need a warp drive. 

Representative Sample: the only viable way of breaking the light barrier may be through General Relativity and the warping of space time. However, it is not known if negative matter exists, and whether the wormhole will be stable. To solve the question of stability, you need a fully quantum theory of gravity, and the only such theory which can unite gravity with the quantum theory is string theory

5. "Unseating an Incumbent President" A look at historical precedents.

Representative Sample: How likely is it that an incumbent president will be stripped of his position? What will it take? Some say it’s a very difficult task, yet it has occurred rather often. Under what circumstances? A short survey of twentieth-century presidential politics may offer some clues as to the feasibility that Barack Obama will be a one-termer.

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