Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/30/2010

1. "When Will Liberals Acknowledge What the Arab World Already Knows?" They won't.

Representative Sample: there is an irony in all this: WikiLeaks is the instrument that most confirms the conservative view of the world (as J.E. Dyer argues here). Now that most of the Arab world has confirmed what neo-conservatives have said about Iran, how long will it be until liberals finally do?

2. "Won't You Please Hug a Terrorist ?" A good look at the psychology of appeasement.

Representative Sample: Because what terrorists need most is appeasement. Appeasement is apparently Muslim Prozac. Give them enough of it, and they'll no longer want to behead us or blow us up. Or so the politically correct theory goes. And there you have our international affairs in a nutshell.

3. "Democrat Group Wants To Eliminate Social Security For The Wealthy" Something that actually makes sense from a Democratic group?

Representative Sample: At the very least, shouldn’t we reduce Social Security to a safety net program rather than an unsustainable government pension system?

4. "Chinese Gamer Plays MMO on 80,000 Square Foot Screen" A new record.

Representative Sample: The man apparently had to pay for the privilege of gaming on the huge screen, with a guesstimate putting the figure at about $15,000 for the quarter of an hour long session.

5. "Bill's Wide Receiver Tweets to God After Dropping Ball" I guess his reasoning is that if you can thank God for winning, you can blame God for letting you make a mistake that costs your team the game.

Representative Sample: Johnson was reluctant to accept responsibility for the gaffe, posting on his Twitter account post-game that it was in fact God’s fault.

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