Thursday, November 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/4/2010

1. "The Natural Majority" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: In an odd way, I think the Tea Party surge has ended up bringing Washington back to the true political center of the country, but not yet fully to the right. The obstacles Republicans faced in moving the needle in their House numbers -- entrenched Blue Dog incumbents like Ike Skelton, John Spratt, Chet Edwards, and Gene Taylor -- were moved away last night. These are not "surge" seats that will be surrendered at the next election, but now likely Republican for life -- and ones we didn't have during Republican control of the House from 1994 to 2006.

2. "The GOP Goes Gray" How did the vote break down for the GOP?

Representative Sample: These exit polls and demographics pose some challenges to Republicans: how will they fare with an electorate that includes more black voters and more young voters than in this cycle? Will self-identified conservatives stay that way through 2012?

3. "Inflation: Federal Reserve to Create As Much as 1 Trillion New Dollars" Too bad they can't be voted out.

Representative Sample: When you inject more money into an economy that’s not growing you wind up with those greater dollars chasing after the same amount of goods. In other words, creating money in a vacuum is the prime cause of inflation.

4. "Your Dad's A Dork..." I nice smack-down of a typical liberal attempt to spin the election results.

Representative Sample: Over the past two years, a large percentage of voters under 30 have come to the realization that Barack Obama is more like their dorky father-in-law than a messiah.

5. "Why the Right should reform the military" Yes, unfortunately defense spending is often treated as a sacred cow on the right. Just because the left wants the wrong type of cuts, doesn't mean there aren't reasonable cuts & reforms to be made.

Representative Sample: All corporate cronyism/sweetheart contracts which have infected the military/industrial complex should be rooted out, and costs should be cut to what is needed to be efficient and excellently effective, no more -- not a penny more.

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