Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prime Candidates for Execution

In a town in Georgia four men beat another man to death for absolutely no reason.
It began with a brawl outside a house party. A woman hit a man, and the man refused to strike back, saying he wouldn't hit a girl. Instead, he vowed to attack the next male who walked by, even if that person was a random stranger.

That's when 18-year-old Bobby Tillman happened to approach a group of four partygoers , who swiftly stomped, kicked and punched him to death while dozens of bystanders watched. "He had nothing to do with anything," said Tommy Wheeler of Douglas county sheriff 's department . "They just decided he's the one. And they killed him."
If this story is accurate, the four individuals who did this are human garbage that should be swiftly executed. There is no good reason to permit them to live any longer than the time needed for a trial. If clearly guilty, there is no good reason for lengthy appeals, or any of the other nonsense that makes the death penalty so difficult to carry out. Those who commit such senseless acts of murder should be quickly executed. They won't be of course, but they should be.


  1. Don't you ever get tired of screaming for people to be killed?

  2. No. Unfortunately there are many people who should be killed who are spared. If I see a death penalty case where I think the person shouldn't be executed, I post about that also. For example: this post.

  3. Completely agree, UNRR. When you consider how much of our taxes go towards preserving the lives of these goons - even on the order of up to hundreds of thousands a year per inmate - we really ought to save ourselves. Let the government pay 14 cents for that single bullet.

    I can find no redeeming qualities in the idea that we ought to keep these idiots alive.

  4. Exactly. There is no reason people who would do such a thing should be allowed to continue living, let alone at taxpayer expense.