Sunday, November 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/28/2010

1. "The Real Lessons of the Korea Crisis: It Explains How The World Works Today" Outstanding article. 

Representative Sample: If an ideological, ambitious dictatorship knows that by threatening war and conflict, by using military force, or threats, or terrorism, it can get whatever it wants then it will do so.

2. "Is the media leftist or statist?" Mostly both. 

Representative Sample: Radley Balco at Reason has a theory that the media which tends to support the left of politics is not so much leftist, but statist. This is a plausible proposition considering the point that the left are inherently inclined towards big government, there is the possibility we are simply confusing the issue.

3. "God is NOT great." So weak that he apparently needs religious fanatics to do his dirty work for him.  

Representative Sample: God needs to recruit kids like that to blow up infidels? Why doesn’t he just do it himself, if he’s so great?

4. "Can we get an investigative exposé on the local mosque this guy attended?" Good idea. And if it isn't under surveillence yet, it should be. 

Representative Sample: I look forward to those journalists who will dig into this guy's life and what it is that motivated him.

5. "'Today the Sun, Tomorrow the Stars?' Weird-But-True Legal Claim" Woman in Spain now owns the sun.

Representative Sample: The folks who've staked their claims to nearby real estate may show a profit - after balancing lawyers' fees with whatever they get from Lunar Development Corporation, Martain Plains Industries, or whatever outfits doing the actual work are called by then.

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