Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/2/2010

1. "Last Call for Liberty" Some election day red meat. 

Representative Sample: When they shoved the wickedly unpopular ObamaCare bill down your throats using bribes, cajolery and strong-arm tactics -- without even bothering to read their own disastrous bill, they were laughing at you.

2. "Russia's FSB to WikiLeaks: We could destroy you" Let's hope they decide to. 

Representative Sample: Russia's internal security service, the FSB, seems to be taking WikiLeaks' threat to spill dirt on the Kremlin pretty seriously, according to Russia Profile:

3. "In Defense of the "Rich"" A much-needed defense.  

Representative Sample: With the mid-term elections having arrived, I would like to take a moment to defend the people among us, those designated as "rich", who seem to be considered less fellow citizens than sheep to be shorn. In the prevailing attitude towards those so designated, in the redistributionist policies promised by craven office seekers to the voting mob, we treat these people less as human beings than as lambs to be slaughtere

4. "Back on the Radar" National security. 

Representative Sample: Last week's "package bomb" plot is a stark reminder that terrorists are still actively plotting against us, hoping to pull off another spectacular strike that would kill thousands of Americans.

5. "Are you kidding..? Political Correctness at its Worst!" An attempt to change the official name of Rhode Island.

Representative Sample: The official name of Rhode Island is: “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” or that is what is inscribed – elaborately in the floor of the Statehouse. Many Rhode Islanders might not even know its formal name. It isn’t listed on modern-day maps, though it is on the state seal, is found in many official state documents and can be heard in the courtroom when the judge is announced.

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