Monday, November 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily l11/12010

1. "Opposition to Barack Obama does not arise from fear, from anger, from hatred, or from racism; Opposition to Barack Obama arises from love" Not exactly the way I would have put it, but still good. 

Representative Sample: When the (American and/or foreign) liberals' burst of laughter dies off, and while they are wiping away their tears, I add: not from love of Barack Obama, of course

2. "When Bias Has Its Own Media" The line between just bias and outright propaganda. 

Representative Sample: Bias always exists, but journalistic bias has a tipping point at which instead of a free press, we have a propaganda press. When does that tipping point occur? Henry David Thoreau wrote that there is a certain amount of injustice in government, just as there is a certain amount of friction in operating a machine. But when "friction has its own machine", then the injustice is no longer an unfortunate byproduct, it is now the purpose of the machine.

3. "Maybe there are more atheists in foxholes!" Interesting findings.  

Representative Sample: A team of psychiatrists at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA have been taking a look at the religious beliefs of military folks who attended outpatient clinics, and they've turned up something rather interesting.

4. "The all-important candy hierarchy" Good for evaluating the haul that your children brought in last night. 

Representative Sample: It's a chart.

5. "UN Troops Caused The Cholera Outbreak In Haiti?" Ouch.

Representative Sample: Did United Nations peacekeepers trigger the Haitian cholera outbreak? There is some evidence that they might have…

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