Monday, November 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 11/15/2010

1. "Liberals Reveling in Self-Delusion" Every time they lose an election the mantra on the left is that it was because they just weren't left-wing enough. 

Representative Sample: This theory is no doubt comforting to liberals, who would of course prefer not to believe that the country roundly rejected their policies at the polls. It is probably also necessary for them to spout this theory out loud, for the sake of keeping the troops motivated for 2012. Unfortunately for them, it is completely contradicted by all the available evidence.

2. "The civilizing effects of capitalism" Contrasted with interactions with the state. 

Representative Sample: Markets do this because they encourage us to treat others as equals in that we approach them, especially strangers, most often as traders. They have rights to their property, we have rights to ours, and those rights limit the ways we can interact. But they leave exchange available as a way to get the things we want. The mutuality and reciprocity of exchange both require and encourage us to treat one another humanely, with justice, and as equals. In other words, markets lead us to treat strangers as fully human.

3. "Atheism Is NOT A Belief System" You might think this would be obvious, but apparently it isn't to many.  

Representative Sample: One of the things that irritates me about theists is that because they subscribe to a belief system that involves made up fairy tales, they only feel comfortable if they can claim that atheists subscribe to a similarly unprovable and delusional belief system. It’s the adult version of “So am I but what about you” epithet thrown back in defense when one is accused of something stupid.

4. "Dems extol facts and science but act on ideology" And have a nasty tendency to must make up "facts." 

Representative Sample: In the course of the Obama administration we have seen examples of Democrats in the White House, Congress and across the government pursuing ideological goals that are not only not based on facts and science and argument but actually fly in the face of facts and science and argument.

5. "Senate To Finally Take Up Realistic Jobs Bill! Just Kidding, They’re Pushing A Food Safety Bill" Another gigantic big government regulation bill. Just what we need!

Representative Sample: Well, we all love food safety, right? Democrats couldn’t possibly screw this up, right? It’s not like “high-risk foods would be exempt from safety regulations” or something.

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