Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funding Our Enemies

The Obama Administration will give 900 million dollar to "help rebuild Gaza," according to the New York Times.  Administration officials claim that none of the money will go to Hamas because it will be sent through nongovernmental organizations. Well, that's a relief. The fact that Hamas actually controls Gaza is incidental. There's no way all or most of the money intended for Gaza could possibly find its way into Hamas' hands. Of course not.

There's no other way to describe this policy other than as complete insanity. Obama, who is now claiming to be worried about the deficit -- despite sponsoring an unprecedented massive spending bill -- wants to send almost a billion dollars to help a terrorist pseudo-state that hates the U.S. That's on top of the money we are already wasting on the Palestinian Authority.

According to Daniel Levy, an analyst quoted by the Times,

“It’s a good effort, but the money can’t be spent unless materials can get into Gaza,” Mr. Levy said. “The next step is opening the border crossings, and that requires more than just signing a check.”
If that's the case, let's hope Israel keeps those border crossings tightly closed, and blocks as much of our idiotic contribution to Hamas as possible.

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