Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/11/2009

1. "House Capital Markets Chair: first $700 billion averted "the end of our economic system... as we know it" " Congressman says fiscal crisis was far more dangerous than advertised.

Representative Sample: What really happened in September 2008

2. "Leftist Loon Leaky Leahy’s Loquacious, Ludicrous Litany" A good response to Senator Leahy.

Representative Sample: the path to healing is always paved with inquisitions and comparisons to apartheid.

3. "Creation Science Major Breakthrough" And here I thought creationism was just religious bs.

Representative Sample: Creation scientists have just released a new line of consumer products based on years of top secret Bible research.

4. "Ten Major Flaws of Evolution - A Refutation"  Speaking of creationists. A great debunking of some typical arguments. Unfortunately it won't stop creationists from repeating them over and over anyway.

Representative Sample: Creationists love to imagine that they have dismantled evolution or discovered it’s “major flaws,” however they only succeed in exposing the major flaws in their understanding of evolution and ability to reason.

5. "Plague Infected Mice Missing from UMDNJ Lab"  Another good thing about living in NJ -- we have a major bio-terror research site that can't keep track of infected animals.

Representative Sample: 2 mice infected with Yersinia pestis, the causitive agent of plague, were missing from a lab

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