Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/17/2009

1. "Home and away" Criticizing things abroad while ignoring problems at home.

Representative Sample: It is also time for the organized left, such as it still is, to take action against anti-Semitism.

2. "Putin Warns The US Against Socialism" Good advice from Putin of all people?

Representative Sample: the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

3. "Nanorobots!" If things like this are possible, it's hard to imagine what technologies might be available in 20 years.

Representative Sample: Chemists at New York University and China’s Nanjing University have developed a two-armed nanorobotic device that can manipulate molecules within a device built from DNA

4. "Andrew Sullivan’s Further Descent Into Hackery"  How much further can he go?

Representative Sample: His simple morality play has little to do with reality, but it is a constant struggle for Mr. Sullivan to ignore what is in front of his nose.

5. "The Doctor as the Second Opinion and the Internet as the First"  Something all doctors should be aware of.

Representative Sample: I describe the increasing common phenomenon of people using the Internet before seeing their doctor:

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  1. Determined, eh. Looks like I'll have to appoint myself the local Sullivan apologist.

    Andrew has not ignored the giveaway nature of the bill, as any regular reader should know, so the premise of Jay's argument is false. What he has been doing is castigating Republicans for not putting forward a serious counter proposal. And he's _not alone_ in doing this.

    A payroll tax holiday and more targeted spending without the Democratic "downpayments on health, the environment and education" would have been a ponderable, negotiable position.

    Instead the DeMint ammendment aimed to replace the entire bill with permanent tax cuts. As a stimulus, and in a time in which we already have a large deficit pre-stimulus, this was ridiculous. Yet 36 of 39 Republican Senators voted for it.

    Republicans are still living in 1980, still in denial about the sad legacy of recent years, and on top of that losing their minds.

  2. Gherald,

    After our last debate, when I saw that article about Sullivan I just couldn't resist linking it :).