Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/10/2009

1. "The 30 Most Popular Atheist Blogs" Interesting list.

Representative Sample: I think I included just about all the major atheist blogs in my calculations… if you post frequently and have been around for a while, I think I got you.

2. "New Government Mascot Revealed: 'Stimulus' The Bailout Condom" Applies equally well to the U.S. government as to the Canadian.

Representative Sample: Bringing A New Meaning To 'Stimulus Package'

3. "Don't Blame Reagan" In defense of Reagan's economic record.

Representative Sample: To undermine a philosophy it becomes essential to destroy its leading figures. For all his faults, Ronald Reagan is the defining symbol of American small government conservativism.

4. "Obama Falling Flat Early In Term"  A good concise summary of some of Obama's early mistakes.

Representative Sample: Obama has also valued speed over quality. His vetting process seemed sloppy as evidenced by the tax issues his appointees faced

5. "J.K. Rowling"  Celebrating capitalist heroes amidst all the capitalism bashing.

Representative Sample: Today we celebrate J.K.Rowling as a Hero of Capitalism for transforming her intellectual property into world-wide wealth.

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