Thursday, February 5, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/5/2009

1. "Putin Bootin' Obama Piñata" How did we manage to get kicked out of Asian bases such as the one in Kyrgyzstan?

Representative Sample: One good thing about an entry-level president, a "citizen of the world" with no experience whatsoever, is that America gets smacked around like a tetherball by wilier players on the foreign stage

2. "The Bad Bank Assets Proposal: Even Worse Than You Imagined" And that's saying a lot.

Representative Sample: So we the taxpayers are going to eat a ton of bank losses that should instead be borne first by stockholders and bondholders

3. "Creationist Idiocy in the UK" Just in case anyone thought the U.S. was unique in that regard.

Representative Sample: It seems that about half of the UK don't accept Darwin's findings and only about a quarter of us say that evolution is definitely true

4. "The Gang That Couldn’t Appoint Straight"  An honest liberal assessment of Obama administration bungling regarding appointments.

Representative Sample: Much of Obama’s post-election popularity – and his political capital – rests on the belief that we finally have a president who is smart enough, engaged enough, and politically savvy enough to navigate the ship of state

5. "U.S. Navy to Obama: Never Mind the Littorals, More Battleships, Please"  The navy's proposed shipbuilding plans appear to differ sharply from the president's.

Representative Sample: are we going to buy the amphibs and coastal forces Obama promised, or ditch them in favor of new battleships designed to destroy alien invaders?

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