Sunday, February 8, 2009

Left-wing Laughs

If I'm looking for something to post about, and nothing seems to catch my attention, I like to skim a few left-wing blogs. I went to Open Left and found a new post by David Sirota called, "The First Time I've Ever Felt Angry About Paying Taxes." Naturally I thought this was some sort of joke. I mean, I know left-wingers love raising taxes, but do they really like paying them too? Here's Sirota,
This is the first year I can remember where I'm actually angry about paying taxes. Why? Because while I am a progressive and fundamentally believe in the importance of government, I believe our government right now is taking our money - my money - and handing it over to very rich people on Wall Street.
We can't have that. What if it were just going to government bureaucrats to waste as usual? Hey, no problem.  Sirota continues,
I'd be happy paying my taxes - and indeed, happy paying higher taxes - if it was clear my government wasn't deliberately and overtly taking my money and handing it over to the political donor class that created this economic crisis
He's actually serious. I'm not sure where this guy has been his entire life. Apparently he thinks that the government hasn't been turning tax money over to the "political donor class" until just recently. 

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  1. With his populist fiery, Sirota is a class by himself in many ways. He's even worse than Michael Moore, who at least has good filmmaking skills and occasionally drops the Peronism. On 538, one of the commenters compared him to Ann Coulter. I don't think he's ever called for killing people he disagrees with, but he definitely displays the same level of rationality as Coulter.