Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/24/2009

1. "Obama’s Budget: Cutting the Deficit He Created" After ramming through monster spending bill.

Representative Sample: This coming from the man that just went on an historical spending spree, much of which is a payoff for the Democrats’ political allies.

2. "Debunking Liberal Economics (such as it is)" Milton Friedman speaks.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

3. "When War Comes to Main Street" Something to think about.

Representative Sample: Westerners will join in the war on terror if they see their own governments refusing to defend the Western way of life that these citizens value. 

4. "Civilian Casualties Hit New Highs in Afghanistan" up 40% in 2008.

Representative Sample: does that mean that the U.S. forces need to change tactics -- or change perceptions about them? Right now, Waterman says the opinion in the military leadership is the latter.

5. "Anti-stimulus; that’s what the ’stimulus’ will actually result in"  The results of relying on the government.

Representative Sample: a constant problem with government - once you give them authority over something and a budget to fund that authority, it is nearly impossible to get rid of the program and the problem the program was designed to solve never goes away.

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