Monday, February 9, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/9/2009

1. "Civilians who shoot cops treated just a tad more harshly than cops who shoot civilians" What happens when someone mistakenly kills a cop?

Representative Sample: the burglar was Jarrod Shivers, a police detective who was participating in a misfired marijuana raid on Frederick's home

2. "My Grandson sent me this I soiled my britches" Link to an amazing video.

Representative Sample: It's a video.

3. "Don't Like Fox News? Try Egyptian TV" What kind of things do they talk about on tv in Egypt? Remember this is one of our "allies."

Representative Sample: So who is this crackpot, you ask? Some loon they dragged in off the street for laughs? Hardly. This magpie is a Muslim cleric who used to live and preach in Ohio

4. "Take the broccoli. Leave my dignity."  I linked this site awhile ago, but since this guy is a comic genius I had to link it again. NSFW

Representative Sample: Everyone knows hamsters love broccoli. You are not fooling anyone.

5. "*Now* He's Asking Questions???"  Remember when Democrats insisted that Iraq was a distraction from pursuing the really important war in Afghanistan?

Representative Sample: now that the rubber has met the road, it seems fighting al Qaeda on the "battlefield of choice" is suddenly looking less attractive

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