Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/25/2009

1. "Questions for Ex-Muslims"An ex-Muslim responds to questions about Islam. Pretty interesting.

Representative Sample: If Muslim immigrants feel shut out from society and from social and economic opportunities, the community becomes more inward looking, and calls on conservative traditions

2. "What Are Our Leaders Smoking?" Many of us wonder.

Representative Sample: Why are we spending money on people who hate us and who routinely demonstrate while shouting “Death to America?” Have we lost our minds?

3. "The 2008 Douche Bag of the Year Awards" Entertaining list.

Representative Sample: THE BIG THREE AUTO-MAKERS For being crappy companies which can't compete on the world market and demanding that the American tax-payer bail them out

4. "Binyam Mohamed Released" Surprisingly enough, military families not happy about the release of terrorists.

Representative Sample: One of the easiest things for Obama to do would be NOT TO RELEASE TERRORISTS back into society.

5. "Now It’s Capital Punishment"  Executing people is supposedly too expensive now.

Representative Sample: This economic crisis is being used as a tool to thrust just about every stinking piece of liberal tripe down our throats. All of America should feel like their intelligence is being insulted.

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  1. UNRR, regarding the release of Binyam Mohamad, if there isn't evidence to keep him, doesn't the administration have no choice? (I know that is a rather simplistic version of how it works). It wasn't the Obama administration that released the 18 ex Guantanamo detainees who are confirmed to have participated in jihadi activities after their release. Also, the Bush administration has released other detainees who went on to be monitored by British security forces as this guy is supposed to be.

    Although over all, I think whether it's the Bush administration or the Obama one, the gov't is in a hard place with these detainees. Yes, innocent people got caught up or were turned in by people who wanted money, but a lot of them are just bad, bad seeds who were involved in fighting or spreading propaganda for Al Q and other jihadi orgs. They're operating in a legal grey area, where the rules need to be rewritten or reevaluated, and unfortunately, where less than savoury methods were used to interrogate some of these guys. It makes me angry to hear about human rights orgs taking up the cause of a detainee who claims, plausibly, to have been tortured when other evidence points to that detainee being an ideological asshole or a terrorist or whatever. The gov't needs to make sure that these guys are treated in such a manner that they never have any high ground to stand on and distract from their criminal or terrorist activities.

  2. Yes. I don't oppose releasing Mohamed, because the UK requested it, and they are going to take responsibility for him. We could probably hold him if we really wanted to, but it's not worth irritating the UK over it.

    "human rights orgs taking up the cause of a detainee who claims, plausibly, to have been tortured when other evidence points to that detainee being an ideological asshole or a terrorist or whatever."

    Yeah, Mohamed admits to being at an Al Qaeda training camp, so I'm totally unsympathetic to his supposed suffering in custody. Plus, as I wrote in my post about the situation, the public story makes very little sense. I can only assume there are significant details that we just don't know.

  3. Thanks for the link! I'm decidedly UN-atheist myself, but you seem like a pretty cool cat. (GIVES STAMP OF APPROVAL)

  4. Damian,

    Thanks, I liked your post. Since I'm a Republican, I do have to be able to get along with Christians :).

  5. Of course, if you were a Democrat, you'd have to be able to PRETEND to get along with Christians, only to neglect their needs when it came time to actually govern.