Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/3/2009

1. "The reason why Paul Krugman is not a historian...." A whole bunch of reasons, actually.

Representative Sample: Paul Krugman does what other policy wonks with an agenda do, which is to cherry-pick data that fits his current mantra

2. "One comment about nukes, a critical mass of mail" A realistic look at energy, and why we need nuclear power.

Representative Sample: Here’s a big picture perspective on our energy situation: Our energy demands are huge, and the clean alternatives - such as wind, solar, biofuels and conservation - cannot keep up.

3. "The British Military at a Crossroads" One part of the picture of what I call the sad decline of Britain.

Representative Sample: a military at the crossroads of history, with choices over the near term determining the long term standing of Great Britain

4. "Concerning Puppies, Angry Muslims and Fleeing Police Officers"  More on the sad decline of Britain.

Representative Sample:From the Prime Minister on down, appeasement is the order of the day. What do you do when you are under attack? Blame Israel.

5. "Isn't It Time For God To Put An End To The Atheist Bus Campaign?"  No. Apparently he wants to stay hidden.

Representative Sample: I know that if I was all powerful with a bit of a wrathful edge to me, I would do something to prove these atheist buses wrong.

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  1. Good batch of articles today. Thanks.

  2. The atheist bus campaign hasn't even started. CFI-Ontario is still hammering the details. However, there's already been a counter-campaign from the United Church of Canada, and a lot of uproar in the media, so you might think that there have already been ads on buses.

  3. Alon,

    The Atheist Bus campaign that is already ongoing is in the UK. They started running the ads on 800 buses last month.

  4. I know it's running in the UK. But a lot of the hoopla surrounding it is in Canada, where the local CFI branch has announced its intention to run ads but not put any of them up yet.