Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/4/2009

1. "Never Send a Political Hack to Defend The Indefensible" A good response to Bob Shrum's "Zombie Republicans" article.

Representative Sample: Does this sound like a bill that puts families first? Or does it sound like a bill that puts the Democrats’ special interest allies first?

2. "Why The RPG Rules" An interesting look at the Rocket Propelled Grenade family of weapons, and why they are so popular and useful.

Representative Sample: Less wealthy armies the world over, including irregulars, love to use their Russian made RPGs

3. "Obama's Arrogance Seen Through His Apologies" What can we learn from the fact that Obama nominated three major appointees with tax problems?

Representative Sample: He hoped to get all three nominations through because he is Barack Obama, and on that fact alone, he expected confirmation

4. "Hybrid Enemies – A Primer"  What types of wars does the military train for, and how might that be changing?

Representative Sample: A small group of strategic thinkers are flexing their intellectual muscle, and a new opponent model is taking shape against which America’s ground forces will be configured to fight

5. "JOURNAL: Training Global Guerrillas?"  Excerpts & links to a provocative article theorizing that our current wars may lead to unforseen problems at home.

Representative Sample: But a minority will learn a different lesson. They will see statelessness as a field of opportunity where people who are clever and ruthless can rise fast and far.

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