Friday, February 20, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/20/2009

1. "10 Words and Phrases Republicans Should Never Use Again" Interesting list.

Representative Sample: 7) Affordable Housing - If someone buys a house in the free market, by definition it is affordable.

2. "Celebrate Free Speech While it Lasts!" The virtues of speaking out.

Representative Sample: “free speech” cannot be controlled or it is not “free” at all. And we in America have for too long engaged in self-censorship in favor of “niceness.”

3. "China hits out at Philippine bill on Spratly claims" One of the many conflicting territorial claims sitting out there like a time bomb.

Representative Sample: Philippine lawmakers on Tuesday passed a bill spelling out its claims in the South China Sea, whose islands are claimed in whole or in part by a host of Asian nations.

4. "Mystery in the desert" What are the Syrians up to?

Representative Sample: IAEA inspectors are finding traces of graphite and uranium at a site alleged to have been a nuclear facility

5. "Eric Holder's "Race" to the Bottom"  Being obsessed with race and talking about it constantly is the obvious answer to improved race relations. Well, at least the new AG seems to think so.

Representative Sample: Mr. Holder (did you know he is a black man?) hasn't considered the possibility that we average Americans don't talk much about race because we don't think about race... because we are not racists.

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  1. Or maybe Holder did consider the possibility and realize it was a crock of shit. Most white, black, and Hispanic Americans live in towns or neighborhoods that have few people not of their race. The exceptions are mainly for blacks and Hispanics who live in regions that are largely white - for example, blacks in the Interior West, or Hispanics in New England. The reason most white Americans don't think about race is that most of them don't encounter much racial diversity in their daily lives; and when they do, it's in the form of relations that don't lend themselves well to real conversation. This isn't obsession - much of this goes back to The Nature of Prejudice.

    Also, whoever thinks Republicans ought to stop talking about climate change because "the climate is always changing" should know that this view to climatology is like creationism to biology.

  2. There's an even better response to Holder here. I don't think I can improve on what she writes.

    " "the climate is always changing" should know that this view to climatology is like creationism to biology."

    Not really, That sentence doesn't deny any science.

  3. Neither do most creationist statements. "There are big gaps in the fossil record" is strictly speaking factually true.

  4. Also, until Heather MacDonald stops defending cops who shoot unarmed civilians, I reserve the right to ignore her.

  5. There are cases of police shootings of unarmed civilians that are defensible. Police can make honest mistakes. There's nothing in that article that isn't a reasonable argument, whether you agree with it or not.

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