Thursday, February 26, 2009

HOT5 Daily 2/26/2009

1. "A Month of B.O."A recap of Obama's first month in office.

Representative Sample:It's hard to believe the sheer volume of hyperactive bumbling the Obama administration has crammed into the space of a mere 30 some days.

2. "Wordle of Barack Obama’s Congressional Speech Last Night" Interesting graphic.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

3. "Hassan Beheading: Feminist Silence Or Fear?" Where's the outrage?

Representative Sample: feminist groups would gladly shout down those who say or do intolerant, sexist things to the sisterhood. But should one of their own be beheaded by a member of a radical theology, we get nothing but silence.

4. "Old men chasing young women: A good thing" Hmm. This could be worked into a pick-up line.

Representative Sample: It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species

5. "Why do Britain and France have nukes?"  Huh? Smart person asking a stupid question. There's more to policy than economic determinism.

Representative Sample: why France and Britain would spend billions to maintain a nuclear weapons deterrent, a symbol of prestige more than a security guarantee, in the midst of a global recession.

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