Monday, January 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/11/2010

1. "War Through Weakness: How the Terrorists Win" Replace appeasement with counterattacks.

Representative Sample: All of the West’s technology and intelligence can never prevent would-be terrorists from penetrating our defenses. The only way to prevent terrorism is to make it clear that terror attacks will result in symbolic outcomes that are most advantageous to us and least advantageous to them. We need a Containment Policy for the 21st Century.

2. "Remember, The Republicans Are The Racists" What would have happened if a Republican said the same things as Harry Reid?

Representative Sample: racism is only a matter of convenience for Democrats. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson routinely engage in anti Semitic remarks and use racial epithets (he called Obama the N word…). They get away with it because they are liberals and liberals can’t be racists, only do-gooders.

3. "Clutching at Straws: The So-Called "Weakness" of Al Qaeda (Plus a Postscript)" Nice to see someone at the New Republic who isn't entirely clueless.

Representative Sample: There is an instinct among many liberals and lefties to deny that the U.S. faces real peril from Al Qaeda. Some of this derives from anxiety that the whole restrictive edifice of Miranda rights and other judicial restraints on the executive might be endangered if people felt threatened.

4. "The silence of the underpants" Contains links to a couple of good articles.

Representative Sample: Treat a terrorist as a criminal instead of as an enemy combatant, and lose valuable time and intelligence-gathering opportunities

5. "War Against Islamo-Fascism: The Real Combat Zone" Makes some excellent points.

Representative Sample: observe the fundamentally mistaken outlook, signalled by the false alternative "panic" vs "passivity." It's not panic on the public's part to demand that the Federal government do properly and well one of the few things legitimately within its scope of authority.

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