Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 1/12/2010

1. "Are Total Body Scanners Safe? The Jury Is Still Out" Something else to worry about, especially if you are a frequent flyer. The scanners might be a higher risk than terrorism.

Representative Sample: A few weeks ago we were told that CT scans and mammograms can increase the risk of cancer. Since the rush to deploy the new total body scanners in our airports has been a topic of hot debate. There has been a burning question that has not been answered that needs to be. If CT scans and mammograms are no longer considered safe, what makes the total body scanners safe to use?

2. "The Immorality of Heaven" Can you enjoy heaven while some of your "unsaved" love ones roast in hell?

Representative Sample:Let's say there is a God, and there are places of permanent perfect bliss/ permanent absolute torture waiting for us after we die, and if God decides we're good enough we'll get to go to the former. Is that something we would even want?

3. "Terrorist Supporting Group Code Pink" Crossing the line.

Representative Sample: If you give money to Code Pink you are funding the very people who want to kill you and every day, somewhere around this globe, carry out some sort of act of violence directed at innocent people.

4. "Turkey Formally Enters Iranian Orbit, Plans Sanction-Busting Joint Economic Initiatives" Not much but bad news lately from our former close ally.

Representative Sample:That also answers the brainteasers that were getting thrown around mid-2009, about whether Turkey can be politically moved in a secular direction. Turns out when a population keeps electing Islamists who promise to move away from the West, the country ends up moving away from the West.

5. "Health Care Tall Tales" You have to wonder if those pushing them even believe them.

Representative Sample: In a town that runs on fiction, there is no taller tale in Washington than the claim that this bill will reduce the federal deficit...

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