Friday, January 8, 2010

Nostalgia for Colonialism from Marxists

No, not from former colonial powers, but people that fought to free themselves from British rule. And from retired "Marxist revolutionaries" no less.
“I am sorry about what happened,” said Ahmed Mighali Said, 77, who fought the British Army in the bloody four-year uprising known as the Aden Emergency, which ended with Britain’s withdrawal in 1967. “Under the British we had peace. The Yemeni fighters were ignorant. I hope the British come back.”
No chance of that. Here's another one,
“It was a great mistake,” said one former fighter, now a grizzled old man. “People didn’t know any better. It was an emotional response born out of Arab nationalism and Nasserite revolutionary feelings. If the British came back, we would sign a protocol saying we are sorry.”
I find these statements amazing. These veteran independence fighters are actually sorry they achieved independence, and would welcome British imperialism. That's a measure of what a hellish basket case of a country Yemen has become. I wonder if similar feelings exist in other former colonies. I can't recall ever hearing these types of comments from members of other national independence movements.

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