Monday, January 4, 2010

If the 9/11 Attacks Had Failed

Newswire report: Groups of men linked to terrorist organization Al Qaeda attempted to hijack three separate aircraft today. According to statements by passengers and crew, in each case the groups, described as "young Middle Eastern men," were armed with box cutters and tried to seize control of the aircraft. Fortunately, quick reactions by nearby passengers resulted in struggles that overwhelmed the attackers. All nineteen are now in custody. Some minor injuries were reported.

Typical leftist reaction via Twitter: Box cutters? Ooh, scary. That's the best they can do?

Typical leftist blogger: This is the great terrorist threat from Al Qaeda? Apparently the best they can manage to recruit are some incompetent idiots with box cutters. What were they going to do if they actually got control of the planes? They didn't even bring any bombs with them. What a bunch of morons. We're supposed to be afraid of these amateurs? As usual GOP fearmongering is hyping the actions of these terrorist-wannabes as if it were a real threat.

Think this isn't a realistic portrayal? Take a look at liberal reactions to any failed terrorist action, or to any plot that was nipped in the bud by U.S. authorities. Here's Rachel Maddow's description of Abdulmutallah,

some idiot confused rich kid who couldn‘t even handle blowing up his own junk with a bomb that was secreted in his own underpants?
Is there any better brief example of just how utterly clueless most left-wingers are concerning national security matters? Let's see how Maddow's description stacks up against what happened in the real world.

1. Al Qaeda developed an ingenious new type of bomb, specifically designed to get through airport security. Experts agree that it could have destroyed the plane they were targeting.

2. Al Qaeda has expanded its recruiting efforts to attract black Africans from Nigeria, making profiling more difficult. A new source of recruits for Al Qaeda is not a good thing -- I have to write that in case there are any left-wingers reading.

3. Abdulmutallah successfully smuggled the bomb onto an international flight bound for the U.S. To do this he had to pass through security, keep his cool, and do nothing that might give away his intent. This is not a small feat.

4. Abdulmutallah not only got onto his target flight with the bomb, according to experts, he managed to get a seat in an excellent position to destroy the plane, right over a wing tank. 

5. Finally, Abdulmutallah attempted to ignite the bomb and failed, as an alert passenger tackled him. Does this somehow make him incompetent, no real threat? Only if you are a moron like Rachel Maddow. Here's a guy who has overcome security and gotten into perfect position to destroy his target. He's sitting in a plane surrounded by potentially hostile people, knowing that he has to quickly ignite the bomb before anyone can detect him or intervene. Oh yeah, and he knows these are the last moments of his life, since the bomb will kill him first. Does that sounds like it might be an incredibly high pressure situation, one in which even the most highly-trained individual could make some sort of error, or delay just long enough for someone to react? Of course not. Not if you are an utterly clueless leftist. It's all just a big joke.

Left-wing reaction to the attempted Christmas bombing has been so idiotic, that some have speculated that it's all politically-motivated. No one could possibly be as clueless as Maddow and others. The theory is that since heightened fear of terror is bad for the left -- since much of the public rightly understands that liberals can't be trusted when it comes to national security -- therefore liberals have to downplay terrorist threats and pretend that they just aren't that serious. That might be true for a few of the more intellectually dishonest members of the left. But in general, in my opinion many of them really are as clueless as they appear.


  1. You know how liberals say conservatives health care plan is 'don't get sick'....Well, apparently their national security plan is 'the terrorist will mess up'

    Of course, I think it really is only a minority of Democrats who actually think this way, but even that is too much.

    Nice post.

  2. Thanks. I guarantee you if Major Hasan had been caught before killing all those people at Ft. Hood, we'd be hearing the same thing from the left about how he wasn't a serious threat.

    Terrorist threats aren't serious to the left unless they actually succeed.